“Strawberry Mango Smoothie”

Hey Beauties,

It is time for ARIA’S nail art tutorial! This do it yourself (DIY) nail design is quick, fun and bright. You can create this look on yourself or a friend in 5 easy steps.


Nail polish colors you need:
Hot Pink
Light Pink
Glitter Pink
Clear Top Coat

Side note: You can always substitute the nail polish colors.  🙂

Lets Begin…Enjoy!


1.) Choose the nail shape and length you desire. I chose long nails with a square shape.


2.) Start with light pink nail polish and create a swirly half circle.

IMG_2690 2.JPG

3.) Next using the hot pink nail color, paint triangle shapes at the tip of your nails.  


4.) Paint orange triangles between the pink and orange designs.


5.) Fill in the unpolished sections with the pink sparkle nail color and add your  clear top coat.


And the masterpiece is complete!



Aria Enata


GLAM Makeup


It is award season! This makeup look was inspired by the glamour I have seen on the red carpet! I am in love with the beautiful lip colors and makeup styles.


FullSizeRender 50.jpg

Products Used
LA Girl Pro Concealer
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
Revlon Ultra Matte

FullSizeRender 45.jpg

FullSizeRender 49


Aria Enata



Revlon Super Lustrous!

Hey Beauties,

I received a beautiful lip color that I am currently crushing over. The lipstick shade is “Black Cherry” by Revlon’s Super Lustrous lipstick line. It is smooth, vibrant and long lasting on your lips. I wear this shade of lipstick to spice up any natural or bold makeup look. Black Cherry is the perfect shade and I will always keep this color in my makeup bag!

FullSizeRender 32

FullSizeRender 29

FullSizeRender 34

Product Information
Color: Black Cherry by Revlon
Where to buy: Local Drugstore or online
ARIA’S Review: This color is bold and sexy. ! Very moisturizing, long lasting wear throughout the day.
Purchase again: YES!!
Perfect for: Work, Date Night, Girls Night

FullSizeRender 31FullSizeRender 30


What is your favorite Revlon Super Lustrous lip color?

Aria Enata


DIY Easter Nail Art


Spring is here and I have a FUN DIY Nail Art tutorial to share with you! The tutorial features spring colors and Easter Egg inspired designs. There is a total of three designs to disburse among your finger nails. You can choose to recreate the design step by step or feel free to rotate the coordination of the designs.


What you will need:
Yellow Nail polish
Lavender/Purple Nail polish
Light Pink Nail polish
Fuchsia Nail polish
Sparkle/Glitter Nail polish
Clear Nail polish
Thin Painting brush
Round painting edge

Prepping your area: Make sure to have a clean and neat work area. I set up my nail polish, brushes, and polish remover prior for immediate access.

  1. Start off with each base color; Yellow, Pink, and Fuchsia.IMG_1645
  2. For the yellow base nails we will add 5-6 pink dots in a circular motion, this will be the flowers.img_1658.jpg
  3. Next we will work on the pink base nail by adding lavender zig zags horizontally on the entire nail. IMG_1663
  4. For the Fuschia base nail, use your yellow paint and create two separate double loops (top and bottom of nail).IMG_1676 3
  5. Next it is time to complete the flowers. Take a ball or round base to create a center fill for the flowers. Use white paint for the center of the flowers.img_1685-2.jpg
  6. To complete the fuchsia base, use a thin painting brush and add two horizontal lines between the yellow double loops. IMG_1698 2

Untitled presentation-66. After your design is complete add glitter polish for extra GLAM!!

FullSizeRender 16.jpg 

Follow up with a top coat of clear, let dry and you are all set with your Easter Egg inspired nails.




DIY Geometric Nails


Today I will be sharing a very fun and simple DIY Geometric inspired nail art video tutorial. This DIY look takes only a few steps to complete.



Nail polish I used: 
-Revlon, Entice (Green)
-Revlon, Satin (Purple)
-Wet n Wild, French White Crème (White)


Revlon, Entice


Revlon, Satin


Wet n Wild, French White Crème


  1. Start off using Wet n Wild, French White Crème as a base for the design. I always apply two coats. (For best results allow your polish to dry in between coats and each step.)


2. Here comes the creative and simple part! Add diagonal lines as shown above using Revlon Entice (Be sure to add a second coat).


3. Next, add diagonal lines using Revlon Entice in the opposite direction in a zig zag pattern as shown above.


4. Please take your time with this step! Outline Revlon Entice with a thin line using Revlon Satin nail art polish.


5. Lastly, paint polka dots using Revlon Satin and apply a top coat of clear nail polish.

The Final GLAM look!


Geometric Nails


A close up for details

Please share with me how this look inspires your geometric nail art.



Revlon Obsession 605


Lipstick comes in many forms; matte, shiny, glossy and a balm. A lipsticks color, texture and formula contributes to the final results and final look. Today in honor of National Lipstick Day, I am sharing with you one of my current go-to lip colors. The product is by Revlon Beauty and apart of Revlon’s Ultra HD Matte Lip color Collection.




Color: Obsession by Revlon
Where to buy: Target, Walgreens, CVS
Price: $8–$11
ARIA’S Review: First off, I am absolutely Obsessed with this color. Second, It is currently one of my go-to lip colors because it is very fun, flirty and girly. Thirdly, although it says matte, I will consider this to have a smooth and soft shiny finish for the initial application. After 1-2 hours of wear the color darkens with a beautiful matte finish. Lastly, I love how this lip color isn’t dry or extra glossy for my lips. Its very moisturizing and lasts throughout the day.








Hello, June!

I had so much fun taking these portraits of myself.


DSC_0570 (1)


DSC_0576 (1).jpg

Also Hair, Nails, Makeup and Wardrobe were all styled by me!



“Aria’s DIY- Nail Art”


As I mentioned before whether you wear your nails basic nude or with bold 3-D designs, it is best to always care for your nails. I created this GLAM look using Revlon Brilliant Strength colors, Intrigue (blue) and Fascinate (purple).


Intrigue and Fascinate by Revlon!


I began using “Fascinate” (purple polish) and painted a portion of my nail.


Next I applied “INTRIGUE” (blue polish) to complete the rest of my nail.


After I applied both colors as desired I used a thin paintbrush to apply white along the blue and purple polish.


To add extra GLAM to my nail, I traced the white polish with gold.


And this is my Final look!!



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