Blush Me Up…



How often do you wear blush?!

Daily? Weekly? Nightly? or for Specific Occasions!?

I typically wear blush for special events and outings. Whenever I am applying blush I choose between three colors; a rose pink, deep burgundy and chocolate brown. The blush colors vary depending on my lipstick or eyeshadow for a particular look.



Nails & Things




Whether you wear them short or long we all should agree on taking care of our nails. Keeping nailsΒ clean and manicured is a true key to grooming your appearance. Nails can range from classy nude to bold 3D designs.

Have fun with your nails!!


What LIP COLOR are you!?

MAC lipstick


If you are like most you have your go to lip color. As for me I have about five;

1) Basic Nude
2) Flirty Pink
3) Sassy Red
4) Deep Plum
5) Natural Shimmer

Next time your contemplating which lip color to choose, try a shade of my go to colors. Each color can vary based on the occasion or your mood that day!!