DIY Easter Nail Art


Spring is here and I have a FUN DIY Nail Art tutorial to share with you! The tutorial features spring colors and Easter Egg inspired designs. There is a total of three designs to disburse among your finger nails. You can choose to recreate the design step by step or feel free to rotate the coordination of the designs.


What you will need:
Yellow Nail polish
Lavender/Purple Nail polish
Light Pink Nail polish
Fuchsia Nail polish
Sparkle/Glitter Nail polish
Clear Nail polish
Thin Painting brush
Round painting edge

Prepping your area: Make sure to have a clean and neat work area. I set up my nail polish, brushes, and polish remover prior for immediate access.

  1. Start off with each base color; Yellow, Pink, and Fuchsia.IMG_1645
  2. For the yellow base nails we will add 5-6 pink dots in a circular motion, this will be the flowers.img_1658.jpg
  3. Next we will work on the pink base nail by adding lavender zig zags horizontally on the entire nail. IMG_1663
  4. For the Fuschia base nail, use your yellow paint and create two separate double loops (top and bottom of nail).IMG_1676 3
  5. Next it is time to complete the flowers. Take a ball or round base to create a center fill for the flowers. Use white paint for the center of the flowers.img_1685-2.jpg
  6. To complete the fuchsia base, use a thin painting brush and add two horizontal lines between the yellow double loops. IMG_1698 2

Untitled presentation-66. After your design is complete add glitter polish for extra GLAM!!

FullSizeRender 16.jpg 

Follow up with a top coat of clear, let dry and you are all set with your Easter Egg inspired nails.





“Pretty in Pink”



Pastel pink is the current trending color in my wardrobe this season. It is feminine, classy and perfect with golds, pearls, florals or earth tone colors. This shade of pink can be worn day or night, casually or formally. My pink patent sandal heels are a great example of this color. For garments I am wearing soft shades of pink dresses with silky draping fabrics paired with a handbag or clutch. 


Untitled presentation

Bra Comfort 101


Bras can be very uncomfortable and it’s challenging to find one that fits your body best. I purchased five bras from Pink by Victoria’s Secret and I can’t wait to share my opinion. I will be reviewing the T-shirt bra, Date-night lace bra, and a classic push-up bra all by PINK. Every bra on this line is padded with a pink material which adds a nice girly touch and identity for the brand.

Let’s check out the bras!!

T-Shirt Bradsc_1081

Perfect for- Everyday Wear
Aria’s Review- This bra has very minimal padding making it great for everyday wear. The straps on this bra are attached and versatile allowing you to wear the straps criss cross or the classic style.
Purchase Again- Yes!! This bra is so comfortable. 
Cost- $20- $30
Where to buy-  Pink or Victorias Secret store,
Color- Black, Nude and Burgundy (top to bottom)
Additional colors available.

Date-Night Lace Bradsc_1082

Perfect for- Feeling Sexy
Aria’s Review- This bra has lace which really attracted me to it. I absolutely love how it has push up padding to make my boobs look extra purky!!! You can wear this bra strapless or with straps.
Purchase Again- Only for Fun! The reason is because the bra is very pretty but not very supportive for everyday wear.
Cost- $20- $30
Where to buy- Pink or Victorias Secret store,
Color-   Light blue with lime green lace (The straps for this bra are lime green)
Additional colors available.

Classic Push-up Bradsc_1086

Perfect for- Extra Cleavage
Aria’s Review- This bra has plenty of padding giving you the most push up ever. The straps are attached and versatile similar to the T-shirt bra. I typically wear this bra when I want extra push up and cleavage.
Purchase Again- When I want to feel and look busty!
Cost- $20- $30
Where to buy-  Pink or Victorias Secret store, 
Color- Pink multi color (The straps on this bra are light pink)
Additional colors available.




Summer Go-To Polish




The summer is here and I am very prepared when it comes to my go-to nail polish collection. I will alternate each shade throughout the duration of the summer. Stay tuned for a surprise color.


What are your go-to summer nail polish shades?

Follow me on instagram to see me wear each of these nail colors:

  • Lavender
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Green
  • White
  • Aria’s Summer Surprise