GLAM Makeup

Glams, It is award season! This makeup look was inspired by the glamour I have seen on the red carpet! I am in love with the beautiful lip colors and makeup styles. Enjoy! Products Used LA Girl Pro Concealer Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Maybelline Great Lash Mascara Revlon Ultra Matte xoxoxo, Aria Enata    

5 Eyebrow Mistakes

  GLAMS, Next time you are aiming for the perfect arch with your eyebrows make sure you are not making these common mistakes: Do not ignore your natural arch and shape. Do not make your brows to thin, thick, short or long. Do not over fix a unibrow by spreading eyebrows to far apart. Do notContinue reading “5 Eyebrow Mistakes”

Mastering Perfect Eyebrows

  Accomplishing the perfect arch for eyebrows will vary by the individuals natural brow shape and facial structure. But anyone can get a perfect arch. I generally go for a soft angled, sexy thick shape for my eyebrows. My brow routine consists of getting a wax and then filling them in with an eyebrow pencilContinue reading “Mastering Perfect Eyebrows”