“LOUBS for your LIPS”

GLAMS, I am still obsessing over the fact Christian Louboutin has launched their lipstick! What more can a girl ask for; +Shoes +Handbags +Nail polish +Lipstick =Glamour Gal HEAVEN!!! This can also be a fabulous last minute gift idea for someone special or yourself this holiday season. Thanks Christian Louboutin! -ARIA XOXOXOXOXOXOXO


Who loves high heels? Aria loves high heels! Don’t get me wrong, when you are at the work office I understand 2-3 inches, or flats will do just fine. But outside of the office, I will take 4inches and above please! -ARIA

Walk the Walk!!

Glams, Maybe you have heard it before or if its your first time “don’t settle for less.” This can refer to many things; relationships, friendships, careers, clothes, and so on. It is always best to dream big, and reach for those stars. You never know how far your ambition can take you and inspire others.Continue reading “Walk the Walk!!”