The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has had a major impact on so many people and businesses since March 2020. Airport travel industries were greatly affected during the first phase of shut downs around the world, due to travel bands. However, essential business still remains and that includes traveling locally on a plane. I have beenContinue reading “TRAVELING DURING COVID-19?”

Time to Blossom!

Glams, It is time to prepare for blossoming flowers and ourselves. This spring season can be a great time to get physically active. Try going for a scenic walk and admire the natural beauty; plants, trees, flowers, animals, other people and cultures. This semester I am finishing a course that required a culture sharing assignment.Continue reading “Time to Blossom!”

“Aria’s East Coast Takeover”

I had such a blast in New York City and Washington D.C. I dined at nice restaurants and visited many fashionable shops!! Whenever I am in NYC I always find the cutest outfits to bring back to LA. The weather was extremely cold and gloomy, and the temperature ranged between 20- 40 degrees. Although it wasContinue reading ““Aria’s East Coast Takeover””