“Best Lip Color For Your Next Event”

Hello Beautiful,
Need help deciding what lip color to wear for your next special occasion? or event? I have created a basic lip color guide to choose the best shade for the next best thing on your agenda!


Bold colors like red, pink or magenta are very appealing for a night out with your significant other. These shades of color can look amazing in gloss, matte or a sparkle lip formula.




Gloss, Shimmer and taupe lip gloss are the best shade for an upscale event. These neutral shades will maintain a classic and natural image that can coordinate with formal attire.




Sport outings, Entertainment events, and music festivals are a great way to express your FUN side, therefore choose any color. I prefer a bright and bold lip color from magenta, red, pink, orange or even purple.




For work or office events choose a subtle gloss or neutral shades. The best colors are nude brown, taupe, mauve, light pink or clear gloss.




Attending class and school wide gatherings should be a time to experience, learn and grow. I recommend wearing moisturizing lip formulas and an assortment of different lip colors. Try a mauve or rose pink matte or glossy formula.




On your next vacay be sure to pack lip balm, glitter gloss, bright colors, nude colors, the more the better since you may alter your travel arrangements. It is best to be prepared while you are visiting.



Where is your next event and what lip color are you wearing?



How To: Apply Liquid Matte Lipstick

Hey beauties,
Are you applying your liquid matte lipstick “correctly”?

I love wearing lipstick and a matte finish is my preference. When wearing this particular lipstick formula you should learn how to apply the product for a flawless end result. I have put together 3 steps!

Lets get started!


Lip Color Shade: Red Sand by Aria Enata Beauty

>First, make sure to clean your lips. You can also apply a coat of lip balm if you prefer to lock in moisture prior to lipstick application.


Lip Color Shade: Red Sand by Aria Enata Beauty

>Second, Begin with applying an even coat on your bottom and top lip. Liquid matte lipstick is a buildable formula, so you can apply however many coats you desire for color intensity.


Lip Color Shade: Red Sand by Aria Enata Beauty

(Optional, You can use a lip liner to define your lip shape and to create a perfect lip line.)

>Third, allow the formula to dry for about 30 – 45 seconds.


Lip Color Shade: Red Sand by Aria Enata Beauty

And you are all set!


Lip Color Shade: Red Sand by Aria Enata Beauty


Aria Enata

The Minimalist Beauty


Society reflects beauty in an unrealistic image and many women are learning it is not reality. I constantly struggle with a highlight and contour routine. I do however love to apply lipstick and mascara with ease.


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Therefore, I was immediately inspired to create Aria Enata Beauty– a brand for the minimalist beauty.  My beauty line will include cosmetics, skin care advice, beauty tips, fun informative blogs, video tutorials and so much more!

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Aria Enata

Lip Color Spotlight: Plum Berry

Hey Beauties,
Today’s Lip Color spotlight is Plum Berry by Aria Enata Beauty!

This liquid matte lipstick shade is the perfect blend of purple and of course pink!


Plum Berry is a total new crush for any lipstick lover. I would recommend wearing this shade during a nice sunny and bright day. Pair this color with your summer heels and sunglasses.

Aria Enata


Plum Berry by Aria Enata Beauty


Vibrant & Smooth Liquid Matte lipstick

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Time to Blossom!


It is time to prepare for blossoming flowers and ourselves. This spring season can be a great time to get physically active. Try going for a scenic walk and admire the natural beauty; plants, trees, flowers, animals, other people and cultures.


This semester I am finishing a course that required a culture sharing assignment. I am so happy I completed the project successfully. I learned so much about myself, others and look forward to sharing my experience with all of my GLAMS!!



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Bra Comfort 101


Bras can be very uncomfortable and it’s challenging to find one that fits your body best. I purchased five bras from Pink by Victoria’s Secret and I can’t wait to share my opinion. I will be reviewing the T-shirt bra, Date-night lace bra, and a classic push-up bra all by PINK. Every bra on this line is padded with a pink material which adds a nice girly touch and identity for the brand.

Let’s check out the bras!!

T-Shirt Bradsc_1081

Perfect for- Everyday Wear
Aria’s Review- This bra has very minimal padding making it great for everyday wear. The straps on this bra are attached and versatile allowing you to wear the straps criss cross or the classic style.
Purchase Again- Yes!! This bra is so comfortable. 
Cost- $20- $30
Where to buy-  Pink or Victorias Secret store, https://www.victoriassecret.com/pink
Color- Black, Nude and Burgundy (top to bottom)
Additional colors available.

Date-Night Lace Bradsc_1082

Perfect for- Feeling Sexy
Aria’s Review- This bra has lace which really attracted me to it. I absolutely love how it has push up padding to make my boobs look extra purky!!! You can wear this bra strapless or with straps.
Purchase Again- Only for Fun! The reason is because the bra is very pretty but not very supportive for everyday wear.
Cost- $20- $30
Where to buy- Pink or Victorias Secret store, https://www.victoriassecret.com/pink
Color-   Light blue with lime green lace (The straps for this bra are lime green)
Additional colors available.

Classic Push-up Bradsc_1086

Perfect for- Extra Cleavage
Aria’s Review- This bra has plenty of padding giving you the most push up ever. The straps are attached and versatile similar to the T-shirt bra. I typically wear this bra when I want extra push up and cleavage.
Purchase Again- When I want to feel and look busty!
Cost- $20- $30
Where to buy-  Pink or Victorias Secret store,  https://www.victoriassecret.com/pink 
Color- Pink multi color (The straps on this bra are light pink)
Additional colors available.




“Southern Living”

Hey Glams,

I found myself at a crossroad trying to figure out what to do with my life. I was living in Los Angeles and working as a print model and event host. I  attended many of LA’s top venues for celebrities and the upper class scene. I remember constantly hearing that I will have everything in life handed to me  because of my natural beauty. Everyday my life was solely based on my physical image and this created so much pressure on me. I began to question my ability to do anything else. Life became very stale without any substance. I needed to take a break from the fast paced industry and focus on my inner self and true happiness. So I decided to come to Georgia to have a moment to retreat and experience life from a different perspective.


I wanted to enjoy the little things life has to offer like trees, animals, quiet, and minimal pressure of glitz and glam. While in Georgia, I must admit there is definitely a southern charm amongst the residents. I  have been approached by many people and received plenty compliments along with some snarky stares. Overall I do appreciate the slow paced scene the south has to offer. And If I need to be in the city I would hop in my car and drive to Atlanta.


Taking a get away vacation has been the best thing to happen in my life. I am still here living in Georgia and I have made Los Angeles and New York City my playground when I am ready to work on any beauty or fashion gig. Therefore, no love lost but so much that I have gained within myself.



LA girl enjoying the South!