Feminine Hygiene Care

Ladies its time to address feminine hygiene! When it comes to feminine hygiene, less is more. However visiting the feminine care isle will have you thinking otherwise. Keep in mind the manufacturers are a business and will continue to operate as such. Your body, vagina in particular is not and you should take simple stepsContinue reading “Feminine Hygiene Care”

Dinner with Mac & Cheese

Say hello to this hearty dinner idea featuring, macaroni & cheese, fried catfish and steamed broccoli. Yum! I prepared this meal in 15 minutes and cooked within 45 minutes using fresh broccoli, fresh catfish and kraft macaroni & cheese. I recommend this meal idea for the busy professional, college students, parents and quick meal preparers.Continue reading “Dinner with Mac & Cheese”


The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has had a major impact on so many people and businesses since March 2020. Airport travel industries were greatly affected during the first phase of shut downs around the world, due to travel bands. However, essential business still remains and that includes traveling locally on a plane. I have beenContinue reading “TRAVELING DURING COVID-19?”

What to wear in South Beach Miami?

Whether you are vacationing or relocating it is helpful to know what items to bring.  First to note, every city has different weather and cultures which leads to a variety of fashion styles. So if you want to blend in or stand out I put together a list of outfit ideas for Miami Beach, Florida.Continue reading “What to wear in South Beach Miami?”

A day in the life of a photoshoot, Downtown LA

Strut, strut and strike a pose! I had the pleasure to work with the amazing Parris Harris for a photoshoot in Downtown Los Angeles. The day for taking pictures was perfect, there was absolutely no clouds and the sky was clear. Downtown LA can be perfect for a photoshoot. The setting is urban, chic, streetContinue reading “A day in the life of a photoshoot, Downtown LA”

“How to avoid dry lips when wearing matte lipstick”

Does your lips ever feel dry when you wear a matte lipstick? When you have plans to wear the perfect matte lipstick try this beauty tip to avoid the uncomfortable dry lip feeling. Apply a coat of lip balm on the base of your lips first. You can use a generic brand, homemade or yourContinue reading ““How to avoid dry lips when wearing matte lipstick””

Beauty Bag Must-Haves

What’s in my everyday beauty bag ? The main products I need to have in my beauty bag is a lipstick, lip liner and lashes. These items can take a fresh face to glam! The fun part is changing the colors and textures for my lipstick. You can choose between glossy, matte or a creamContinue reading “Beauty Bag Must-Haves”

Having fun with PINK nails

Hello, Where are the PINK lovers? When it comes to the color PINK, that is my favorite go to shade. I recently visited the nail salon and met lovely ladies who also are in a love with this color. We all began bonding over interesting stories, manicures, pedicures and waxing because of our initial communicationContinue reading “Having fun with PINK nails”

“Nail Colors for Spring”

Beauty, it’s time to update for Spring…. Spring is the next upcoming season and many colors will be soft shades of pastels. Pastels are great but spring colors can also be BOLD that make a statement. Here is a complete list of classy colors to add in your collection this season. It is totally glamContinue reading ““Nail Colors for Spring””

“Everything Blushcon”

Hey Beauts, Have you ever attended Blushcon, Beautycon or any beauty convention? I had a blast at Blushcon in Los Angeles, CA. Beauty, fashion, health, lifestyle, travel and music industry professionals were in attendance. This amazing event was held during the Asian American Festival that featured cosmetics, anime, entertainment and great authentic food from Asia.Continue reading ““Everything Blushcon””