Feminine Hygiene Care

Ladies its time to address feminine hygiene!

When it comes to feminine hygiene, less is more. However visiting the feminine care isle will have you thinking otherwise. Keep in mind the manufacturers are a business and will continue to operate as such. Your body, vagina in particular is not and you should take simple steps to maintain your healthy, naturally. Even if you have used feminine products before, you can still transition your feminine care routine for your health.

There are several myths about feminine odors and smells like women must douche after menstrual periods and sex. This is very untrue! Actually after sex and menstrual periods you only needs to use warm water to cleanse yourself thoroughly. The vagina has natural bacteria and acids to keep the vagina healthy with a balanced vaginal pH level.

Keep in mind a healthy natural odor is normal. Every women has a unique smell, some are much stronger than others. If you are concerned with your vaginal odor being foul or unpleasant, visit your gynecologist or health care provider.


  • Use plain warm water instead of perfume, heavily scented and feminine soap for your vagina
  • Urinate and wash your vagina after sexual activity
  • Drink water and eat healthier food choices
  • Change your panties when they become soiled (sweat, secretions, urine, etc.)
  • Use 100% cotton underwear, lingerie included
  • Remove your underwear when you are sleeping or at home lounging
  • When washing panties, tights, pantyhose or leggings use a mild detergent
  • Avoid wearing clothes that are to tight on your vagina
  • Practice menstrual hygiene care (follow up post)
  • Visit your gynecologist regularly (at least twice a year if sexually active)


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