Dinner with Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese

Steamed Broccoli

Fried Catfish

Dinner with mac & cheese

Say hello to this hearty dinner idea featuring, macaroni & cheese, fried catfish and steamed broccoli. Yum! I prepared this meal in 15 minutes and cooked within 45 minutes using fresh broccoli, fresh catfish and kraft macaroni & cheese. I recommend this meal idea for the busy professional, college students, parents and quick meal preparers.


  • Fresh Broccoli head
  • Fresh Lemon
  • Fresh Catfish
  • Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
  • Pepper
  • Fish Fry
  • Cooking Oil

Meal Prep: 15 minutes

Gather a frying pan, small pot for broccoli, and saucepan for macaroni & cheese. Begin with washing your catfish and slice the pieces vertically (or horizontal if you prefer). Place sliced fish tho side in a bowl and cover, also get an empty clean bowl and fill 1/2 way with fish fry and cover. Wash your hands and grab your broccoli, thoroughly wash and chop the broccoli head. In the small pot cover the bottom of the pan with water and place chopped broccoli inside while on stove top. Read the Kraft mac & cheese recipe.

Cooking: 45 minutes

Fill the frying pan 1/3 with cooking oil and turn on the stove top to medium. While the oil is warming, in a sauce pan start the macaroni & cheese box recipe. Turn your macaroni saucepan on low and add pepper for seasoning, cover with a lid and turn to low. The cooking oil should be warm and ready to begin frying. Grab your bowl fish fry and cut catfish the cooking oil must be hot enough. Dump each piece of catfish in the fish fry and coat both sides in the batter. Use a tong and place fish pieces in hot frying oil. Drain oil from fried fish for 2 minutes with napkins. In the small pot of broccoli turn heat to medium/high and cover for about 7 minutes to steam broccoli. Season broccoli to taste and add fresh squeezed lemon.


Beverage of choice for this meal? Wine, water or lemonade. Serve the dinner plates with mac & cheese, fried catfish and broccoli. Garnish with a lemon and tarter sauce. Enjoy!

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