The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has had a major impact on so many people and businesses since March 2020. Airport travel industries were greatly affected during the first phase of shut downs around the world, due to travel bands. However, essential business still remains and that includes traveling locally on a plane. I have been traveling since January of this year and continued traveling in March, April and July. Masks are absolutely required but airports and airplanes during my March/April travel to Miami were empty with minimal stores open. It was very shocking to experience the airport that way. Early this month, I traveled to Kansas and Missouri with my family, during this trip more people were traveling including children.

Until more research is being conducted and science is experimented, so many questions and answers still remain unclear.


Healthcare professional advice: Wear a mask, face shield, large scarf or blanket, clothes that can be washed immediately, social distance from others and certainly wash your hands frequently and/or wear disposable gloves. Also, monitor your health when you arrive and return from your trip for at least 2 weeks.

Disclaimer: I am not encouraging you to go book a trip during this pandemic, instead giving information for individuals to protect themselves when it is necessary to travel during this COVID-19 outbreak.

Always refer to the CDC website, your city/state public health office or local credible health news.

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