“How to avoid dry lips when wearing matte lipstick”

Does your lips ever feel dry when you wear a matte lipstick?

When you have plans to wear the perfect matte lipstick try this beauty tip to avoid the uncomfortable dry lip feeling. Apply a coat of lip balm on the base of your lips first. You can use a generic brand, homemade or your favorite brand of chapstick. This process will soften your lips and prepare for natural protection. After you apply your layer (or two) of lip balm began to apply your matte lipstick. Let dry and complete!

  • If you still experience discomfort from dry lips apply a layer of lip balm over your matte color.

Lip balms are available by many different brands. Here are a few to check out. Or even make your own DIY lip balm.
Carmex, eos, maybelline babylips, chapstick, burtsbees

Beauty tip: If you use lip liner, apply the lip liner on your lip line first. Next add a protective layer of lip balm and follow up with your matte lipstick.

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