“Everything Blushcon”

Hey Beauts,
Have you ever attended Blushcon, Beautycon or any beauty convention?

I had a blast at Blushcon in Los Angeles, CA. Beauty, fashion, health, lifestyle, travel and music industry professionals were in attendance. This amazing event was held during the Asian American Festival that featured cosmetics, anime, entertainment and great authentic food from Asia.


Iconic Beauty color swatches of eyeshadow colors in shimmer bronze, gold and earth tones.


There was an opportunity for a meet and greet with social media influencers and they held a panel to discuss personal experiences on rising to fame and success within the beauty industry.

Live panel discussion and meet & greet with beautiful social media influencers.

I received many samples by visiting different cosmetic brands and signing up with my email or social media information. I look forward to attending #blushcon and #beautycon again very soon!! Also many vendors had amazing sales and discounts on products to purchase by consumers.

Nail & Bone high pigmented nail polish is EVERYTHING!

Nail & bone offered FREE manicures when you purchased their $10 nail polish. Many beauties enjoyed this pampering service while they tuned into beauty fashion shows and panel discussions.

Light Pink, Cream and Taupe nail colors are always great to have in your nail collection.

Who else would be found at the nail bar to receive a manicure while attending a Beauty Convention? I definitely had to come by!

OMO Mink Lashes

I completely fell in LOVE with these faux mink lashes and the variety of lash styles OMO cosmetics had to choose from. I look forward to a future collaboration!

Live entertainment from a musical band.

Right outside of #Blushcon there was live entertainment from a musical band. Guests had the opportunity to eat from a variety of authentic foods and beverages from vendors.


Until the next event!!

Aria Enata



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