“Southern Living”

Hey Glams,

I found myself at a crossroad trying to figure out what to do with my life. I was living in Los Angeles and working as a print model and event host. I  attended many of LA’s top venues for celebrities and the upper class scene. I remember constantly hearing that I will have everything in life handed to me  because of my natural beauty. Everyday my life was solely based on my physical image and this created so much pressure on me. I began to question my ability to do anything else. Life became very stale without any substance. I needed to take a break from the fast paced industry and focus on my inner self and true happiness. So I decided to come to Georgia to have a moment to retreat and experience life from a different perspective.


I wanted to enjoy the little things life has to offer like trees, animals, quiet, and minimal pressure of glitz and glam. While in Georgia, I must admit there is definitely a southern charm amongst the residents. I  have been approached by many people and received plenty compliments along with some snarky stares. Overall I do appreciate the slow paced scene the south has to offer. And If I need to be in the city I would hop in my car and drive to Atlanta.


Taking a get away vacation has been the best thing to happen in my life. I am still here living in Georgia and I have made Los Angeles and New York City my playground when I am ready to work on any beauty or fashion gig. Therefore, no love lost but so much that I have gained within myself.



LA girl enjoying the South!

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